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ERP Software

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) refers to a type of software that organizations use to manage day-to-day business activities such as accounting, procurement, project management, risk management and compliance, and supply chain operations. A complete ERP suite also includes enterprise performance management, software that helps plan, budget, predict, and report on an organization’s financial results.


Billing Software​

Smart Tech provides users with a billing software of the Billing App with many features. Its plan is the best for small businesses with support for invoicing, inventory management, dashboards, tracking, and GST accounting.


Milk Industry Software

Digitizes Milk Collection Process All the data of the milk collection process is recorded digitally, eliminating the need of maintaining it manually in registers. Thus, it provides a smart, technological solution to cumbersome procedures. Digital recording also speeds up the milk collection process, allowing the collection of more milk in less time.

Enables Transparency in Dairy Supply Chain The entire milk collection process is recorded digitally and can be viewed in real-time by all the stakeholders, thus making the entire process transparent and full-proof. Thus, everyone in the Dairy Supply Chain remains updated about the quality and quantity of milk flowing through the system. If there are any malpractices at any stage, the same can be easily identified because the entire system is online.


Barcode Based Erp Software

Simple and cost-effective To use barcode for tracking your inventory is no rocket science and requires no technical expertise. All you’ve to do is install a purchase a barcode reader and connect it with your computer/laptop, and you’re good to go. One scan is all you need, and all the information can be added to certain items in inventory and associated data can be recalled instantly. While many think that barcode machines cost a bomb, it isn’t true. It costs as little as Rs 1500 and the amount of load it takes off from inventory management team at that price is commendable.

Ensure Data Accuracy Manual keying of numbers would result in numerous errors and is also extremely cumbersome. When you’re competing with so many players in the market and trying your best to beat everyone to the top, you need to have a more streamlined process which will give you accurate results in lesser time. Data mistakes could result in several issues such as, shipment delays, under and overstocking, excess expenditure and even misplacement of stocks. Barcoding system allows users to enter key values accurately mitigating any scope for errors.


Vehicle Showroom Software

Bike Showroom management system is automated software that monitors and records various activities of bike showroom. It plays a key role in managing the bike showroom information by computerizing some of its functions. It also helps to overcome the limitations of the manual system. Bike Showroom management system major project will play a key role in minimizing human errors. Moreover, it will be instrumental in data processing and improving overall efficiency of processes. It keeps a track record of all bikes, the sold bikes, buyers’ feedback, buyers’ claims, employees working on the showroom, and all other necessary information.

With an increase in business activities, the management of a showroom is becoming a complex issue. This system helps showroom managers to overcome all complexities of showroom management. Other advantages of Bike Showroom management system php projects are as follows.

  • Easy record-keeping of bikes
  • Help in making important decisions
  • Track information when needed
  • Manage customers complaints
  • Effective dealing with claims
  • Easy order processing
  • Data consistency
  • Overcome the old procedures
  • Easy information refreshing
  • Backup information

The Bike Showroom management system will help update the vehicles records, vehicles to be returned, old vehicles in case, staff working at showroom, and other important details. It can also generate various reports regarding bikes data when needed.

Bike Showroom management system is being used in a lot of showrooms as it has vast applications. Using this system the showroom mangers would get rid of manual record keeping activities. Furthermore, a manual procedure for maintain bike showroom records becomes ineffective as it requires the utilization of a lot of resources; therefore a programmed system would be beneficial in terms of cost as well as time consumption. We can say that it is an absolute application that can proficiently record, maintain, and supervise showroom affairs. It can be further customized to work for large or small showrooms.

Material Management S/w For Construction Business

Construction management software manages construction workflows for businesses. Contractors, property builders, and subcontractors use construction management tools to communicate job progress, schedule resources, as well as manage projects, manage contracts, and track budgets.

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